Hi my name is Wollie

Brand Strategist

I am a brand startegist that specialises in online business. Over the last 9 years I’ve been honing my branding and online marketing skills putting together a team of exceptional entrepreneurs with a passion for people. I enjoy developing new brands and helping business owners create online systems that deliver a consistent experience to their target audience. My job is to strategically guide you through a proven system to develop, deploy and expand your brand online.

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Brand Strategy

Consistent Messaging

Custom Online Brand

What are my responsibilities?

I’m in charge of helping business owners create or re-create their brands. I’m the strategic mind behind your successful brand, guiding you to identify your perfect target audience, helping you create the brand messaging frameworks, and defining your brand identity. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how effective your marketing will be once you completed the brand strategy development process. I’m also the person that oversees all the marketing campaigns making sure your marketing and messaging stays on-brand and consistent.
Brand Strategy Session

I help you develop a brand strategy that allows you to grow your business with ease

My job is to help reduce Your workload. I develop a smart brand based on real research. Your new brand will have a clear message and resonate with your target audience. My goal is to deliver a brand guide that allows you to effectively grow your business online & offline. Our team also manages all the marketing-related tasks to keep your brand active online. I’m the guy making sure that all your touch points with the public are on-brand and consistent.