Hi my name is Sumarie

SEO Expert

I am a strategic SEO expert. I create smart structures and guides to allow content writers and marketers to build effective content that ranks fast in all major search engines. I identify the gap in the market to allow content marketers to effectively create high-value content that resonates with their brand audience.

Sumarie Engelbrecht Mana SEO expert

Strategic SEO Guide

Structured SEO

SEO Research

What are my responsibilities?

I create strategic SEO structures through smart research. Optimizing websites so search engines index your website faster is what I love doing. I spend a lot of time finding the “low hanging fruit” keywords that will help you get faster results in search engines. My content silo framework allows your website to be indexed faster with logical structures that are easily crawled by search engine bots.
SEO expert Sumarie

I help create strategic SEO guides that help content writers and marketers create better SEO content

My job is to do the right research and create the correct structures that will allow your marketers to easily create SEO content campaigns that will rank in search engines. My goal is to help your marketers create strategic content while making it easy for search engines to rank your website.