Hi my name is Simoné

SEO Content Writer

I am a passionate writer that learned the art of Search Engine Optimization. I spend most of my time creating niche-related SEO blog posts, structuring the content into valuable articles that are specifically designed to build credibility with your target audience. The art of creating structured content silos will help search engines index your content faster while your readers will easily find what they are looking for. (falling in love with your brand)

SEO Research

SEO Content Wirting

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Wht are my responsibilities?

I am responsible for researching topics that relate to your business. I follow best practices to research and develop content silos. based on your niche keywords. I work closely with the SEO expert and Brand Strategist to target the best possible keywords that will result in better search engine rankings. The content I create is written for your target audience based on the keywords I researched. I also structure your content so it is easy to find (user friendly) and search engine friendly.
SEO content writer Simone

I help create Strategic SEO content that gets your website ranked faster

My job is to create highly relevant Search Engine Optimised content that your target audience is looking for, then structure these blog posts in a logical manner so search engines fall in love with your site. Your brand will build trust through valuable researched content that helps your target audience answer their burning questions. This is a long term game that pays off in customer loyalty and ROI.