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You need more time and more freedom to do what matters most (that’s closing sales & building your business).  Allow us to take care of all your time-consuming Online tasks. We’ll build your online presence and manage your online marketing, so you can enjoy a profesional presence online, get more leads and increase revenue faster than ever before

Do you feel like there is just not enough time to do everything in your business

I’ve been there before, your business is growing but it’s growing slowly and you just need a break. Not a break from the business, but a breather that allows you to assess all the avenues to help you decide what is the best way to market your business. You feel like you need to be online, and you’ve been trying to keep up with technology. The time it takes to actually manage your online marketing efforts is starting to show in sales. You need help, but it’s too expensive to employ more staff. 

You are spending way too much time on creating posts for LinkedIn and Facebook and you feel like it is keeping you away from the important stuff, like dealing with clients and closing sales.

There is just not enough time to get everything done…

What if there was a way you can outsource all your online tasks and still be seen as the industry leader you are? What if you could “employ” a brand strategist, a web designer, and an SEO specialist to take care of all your online needs? What if you could increase your lead acuisition and revenue withing only 6 months from now?

Well, it’s possible !!! There is a better way to grow your business !!!

We’ve been helping business owners, just like you, build online businesses that allow them to grow faster and increase revenue by up to 342%. 

How? easy…

We take over all your online assets, redesign your website so that it works efficiently, then implement a strategic content marketing plan and social media distribution schedule so you can have more time to do whatever a business owner does, all while keeping a professional presance accros multiple platforms and generating high quality leads 24/7.

We make sure you maintain the professional appearance you deserve all while actively managing your content marketing, social media accou7nts and paid advert campaigns so you get new leads daily and grow 10x faster.

Personal note

Hi, my name is Wollie and I am a Brand Strategist with more than 9-years of experience in Brand Strategy, Paid Marketing, SEO & Web-design.

You Need a reliable team to handle all your online tasks. You need to keep a professional online presence while you get more leads, all while building your website to become a money-making asset.

My aim is to help you free up more time by taking over all your online marketing tasks.

We’ll do it all for you, with our effective proven strategies you’ll maintain a professional presence online, receive quality leads weekly while your business grows exponentially.

We will help implement your online marketing so you get free time to do more important things, like closing those big clients.

Want to see a real content strategy that gets you ranked?

This Free PDF Download reveals the exact steps we take to create a winning strategic SEO content marketing campaign.

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Wollie Kingdom Entrepreneur

Melanie du Plessis

Social Media Expert

Sumarie Steenkamp

SEO Expert
Wollie Kingdom Entrepreneur

Wollie Steenkamp

Brand Strategist
Wollie Kingdom Entrepreneur

Petra Steenkamp


Simone Venter

Content Creator
Wollie Kingdom Entrepreneur

Rajesh Tasjmhal

Content Creator

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SEO Content Marketing Service South Africa
Marina Daniel
Marina Daniel
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“Die groei wat ons besigheid en die blootstelling wat ons kry is finominaal, ek kan absoluut ManaMarketing aan beveel. Ek was nie voorberei vir die groei wat ons ervaar het nie”
Delmarie van Zyl
Delmarie van Zyl
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“Van my kant af wil ek net baie dankie se vir Mana marketing dat jy altyd reg staan om my te help. Jy maak dit vir my baie maklik om te weet daar is iemand wat ek kan op staat maak.”
Tiekie Papenfus
Tiekie Papenfus
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“So baie slag gate, wie vertrou jy? Met ‘n deeglikse konsultasie het ek agter gekom dat Wollie het ‘n passie vir wat hy doen en hy het ons gehelp. Ek is uit my hart uit dankbaar dat ons paie gekruis het”
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