Agri-Boost: Modern Business Website Re-design

Agri-Boost’s mission is to help farmers prevent and mitigate damage to crops and plants caused by unfavorable weather conditions through their organic fertilizer product.


A modern SEO ready Website

To create a modern and reliable website that is easy to use for both the owners and their customers is no easy task. Agri-Boost desired a modern look without compromising functionality, that would serve as their basecamp for the brand. They really wanted a website that can represent them accurately online, with dynamic functionality. 

We opted for an easy to use/manage WordPress based website that allowed us to create an online shop, as well as a blog platform for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This allowed the Agri-Boost team to capture leads, make online sales and create SEO marketing content via one easy to use platform. The best part of the whole projects was that it would all be done inline with their band identity, building trust and recognition in their target market with a mobile friendly website. 

Agri-Boost Mobile Website design

Scope of Project

Mana had a three week time period to help Agri-Boost redesign their online presence with a modern WordPress CMS.  The project required a strategic approach to streamline marketing efforts and establish a trustworthy brand online. Our aim was to unify multiple different aspects of the company into one easy to use platform, that enables the team to manage their marketing and sales from one platform.

The Projects Key objectives

Credible Online Presence

Firstly, the main goal for the new website was to create a trustworthy brand presence online. One that would stand out from competitors and that was userfriendly. 

They required the website to be Search Engine Optimized, with good logical structure that would help in their content marketing efforts in the future.

Built For Marketing Efforts

A platform that would be easy to use for their internal team. One that enables the Agri-Boost team to manage their content marketing efforts and sales with ease. 

An Easy to Use Unified Platform

The ability to manage agents and allow them to order products from the same online store, without revealing the wholesale prices to their retail clients. 

The hope was to create one platform that enables them to manage all of this without confusion. 

A Target Audience Focused Brand Website Design

Agri-Boost’s product is one that can be used in large agriculture applications as well as smaller hobby farms. The nature of the product allows them to ship to any destination with ease, helping those who love to plant get more our of their efforts organically. 

Agri-Boost Style Guide for website designThe targed audience is a mix between larger Agriculture farmers and small private hobbyists. Both these Customer persona’s are very different, with unique specific needs. The correlation lies in the nature of the product, organic. A huge emphasis was placed on natural and organic. This helped us select the correct words and color scheme for their website design. The website needed to be modern, adhiring to their existing brand logo. That is why we selected a Green, White, Grey and Charcoal-Green, with rounded corners and a modern flat design. 

The main aim of the website is to create a sense of trust and credibility in the target audience, that is why we deliberitly developed a certain structure that would feel modern and help visitors easily find what they are looking for. From general information to fertilizer programs, we built the structure of the website to make it easy for visitors.

What's Unique about this Project

One of the aspects that helped Agri-Boost emensily was to combine all the functionality into one platform, while keeping it as easy as possible to manage their online sales and Agents. The strategic structure of the website allows the Agri-Boost team to share relevant important and helpful info easily and sell directly online, while managing their large agent base. 

Agents can log-in to the platform and order from a specific category. This allows the Agri-Boost team to set up special pricing and rules that won’t affect their retail sales. This section is only available to those that are approved agents and whould never be visible to retail website visitors.

Additionally the ability to segment the new leads for email marketing and autoresponding to those leads internally was a game changer. Now the team can sell to the public, manage their online sales and provide reliable services to their sales agents all from the comfort of one reliable platform.

What Agri-Boost Had to Say About Their New Website

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