SEO Terms: Demystifying & Understanding Them

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SEO terms can be intimidating at first. However, this shouldn’t deter South African business owners from utilizing this powerful marketing tool. As a small digital agency in South Africa, we’re committed to making SEO accessible and understandable to people.  That’s why we’re creating this SEO glossary of terms, where you can get a general idea […]

What is SEO and How South African Businesses Can Benefit?

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In this article we’ll be breaking SEO down into easily digestible information. We know that digital marketing can be a lot to process. But we’ll get you up to speed in no time. But let’s start with the bare-boned basics. Let’s delve into what SEO stands for and what it is. What does SEO stand […]

The Perfect Awareness Post

The Perfect Awareness Post

To get people to notice you, or become aware of you, can be really frustrating. Especially through all the noise that is generated on social media these days. But how do you counter this on a daily basis? Let’s look at the first concept within the social media marketing funnel namely; Awareness. What is Awareness? […]

The Copywriting Frameworks For Marketing

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The copywriting frameworks are step-by-step processes or templates that provide a structure for creating effective marketing copy. These frameworks are designed to help copywriters organize their thoughts, craft compelling messages, and guide their audience to take action. Why use copywriting frameworks for your marketing content? By using a copywriting structure, you can create more effective […]

The Perfect Consideration Post

The Perfect Consideration Post

Getting people to consider your brand may feel like an uphill battle. Especially when you see all your competitors out there, doing their thing! But how can your brand be considered on a daily basis? Let’s look at the second concept within the social media marketing funnel namely; Consideration. What is Consideration? Consideration means that […]

The Social Media Marketing Funnel

Social Mediam Marketing Funnel

The social media marketing funnel is an important structure to increase the success of your social media campaigns. A social media strategy depends on the structure that you use, and in order to build out your own custom media marketing strategy, we’ll share some important aspects of creating the perfect structure. Once you understand the […]