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3 tools you should use to help save money on your Business website design

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These 3 Tools Save you money on your business website design

Business website design can be expensive, if you want to save money on your design then it’s crucial to find the right agency that understands your needs and deliver a professional design. If it doesn’t look professional and attract new customers, then the chances of them buying from you are slim to none! That being said, many people think that in order to have an ideal site they need a custom-developed website of an expensive web design company. The truth is there are numerous ways to cut down on costs without sacrificing quality or vision for what your website should look like. In this article we will talk about 3 tools that can help with saving money on your website development and make sure your final product looks as good as possible:

Use WordPress as your Base camp Content Management System (CMS) for your company web development

Wordpress CMS for Business website design

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to save thousands of rands on web development.

If you need a complex business website your design agency can take advantage of WordPress. This awesome CMS comes packed with amazing functionality. The user interface is easy to understand and makes management a breeze.

More than 40% of websites online are run on the open-source WordPress CMS and that says a lot. There is no equal when it comes to the inexpensive set-up of a business website framework.

You’ll save a lot of money by building your website on a WordPress CMS because you get this content management for absolutely free.

A great thing about building a WordPress website is it allows flexibility. Any agency that has been designing websites for a while can tell you how easy it is to enhance the functionality through plugins.

Plugins come in various different sizes for multiple different functionalities. At Mana Marketing we use a set of premium plugins that allow us to develop faster brand-specific conversion-focused business websites.

WordPress is truly a unique CMS that can help you set-up an online shop, combine the shop with landing pages as well as provide good SEO structured layouts.

If you are not using WordPress consider moving. You’ll save money on your business website design doing so.

Web design with Premium Plugins makes it inexpensive and fast to create effective business websites.

Elementor Pro Drag and drop website builder

Elementor Pro plugin for business website design

By far one of the best drag-and-drop website builders on the market is Elementor Pro (you can test it out for free here, but I suggest the premium version for more flexibility).

This premium plugin allows the web designer to create exceptional designs that are highly customizable, both in design and functionality.

The website builder comes pre-packed with almost all the elements you need to develop a good conversion-focused business website.

Expect to save thousands on development and design when using this amazing plugin.

CrocoBlock Plugin set

Crocoblock plugin toolset for busines website design

The tools that probably helped me save more than R100k in the last year alone, Crocoblock plugins can be used to create dynamic functionality on any business website.

Imagine the power of creating custom layouts and functionality that is unique to your website without spending thousands on custom development.

Crocoblock is definitely a tool that you need to recommend to designing agencies. It saves a lot of time while providing a solid foundation to create spectacular business website designs.

Use the Crocoblock plugins to create a listing website, develop a hotel/booking website, and many more. The sky is the limit, and any good agency will be able to take this toolset and create a stunning SEO structured unique design.

Bonus Tool (Yoast SEO plugin)…Did I mention it’s FREE


The best plugin to use when optimizing your website for search engines is Yoast SEO.

Everyone knows that in order to build a great experience as well as get more leads online you need to have a good SEO website.

Yoast is one of those tools that allow you to create Search Engine Optimized pages, posts, and products.

This tool gives you easy-to-follow step-by-step frameworks to help guide you through the process of optimization. It also provides on-point training to understand why each element needs optimization.

Just click on the page, post or product to edit it and scroll down until you see the Yoast Settings panel in in there you’ll be able to assess what is needed according to Search engine standards for optimization.

Make the light green and you’re optimized; Orange means it’s ok but can be improved and red means you need to work on that element.

A cool function is as you create content these light change colors and provide feedback in real-time, helping you understand how to optimize the page and why you are doing it.

There is a premium version available but I only use the Free version as it provides more than enough functionality to get the job done.

Another great aspect of Yoast SEO is it generates a sitemap automatically making search engines fall in love with your website (It’s easy to crawl for search engine robots).

Connecting your website to the Google search console is a 2 min job and is important for reporting and metrics in the future.

Use your entrepreneur mindset to ensure your desired business web design can be developed faster & smarter

Entrepreneur Mindset for business website design

The mind of an entrepreneur is amazing, always adapting to current situations.

You as an entrepreneur need a mindset that allows you to find the best web design agency in South Africa.

This mindset will force you to get the best possible solution to your problem. That is to find the right company to help you create an affordable effective business website.

Make sure you ask the right questions and do some research before hiring your website design company.

Compare quotes and look for similar values. The only way you’ll ever save money on a business website design is by knowing what you want to achieve, then setting out to find the perfect partner that can help you get there.

A clear vision, mission, and purpose for your business website will allow you to source the best fit and get a website designed for a better price.

Look for speed without compromising quality.

General Hint: A good web design agency should be able to design your website in about 14-21 working days (depending on the fact that you know what you want)

To get an outline of what you need for your business website, get on a call with me here.

My 30-min free zoom consultation will help you identify what you need, how long it will take to design, and what it will cost.


The best way to save money on your business web design is to build on the WordPress CMS. It allows your design agency to develop exceptional designs faster with a solid SEO structure in place.

Developing on the WordPress CMS is a lot cheaper because it is a Free CMS that is reliable and trustworthy. You can also use premium plugins to enhance your CMS.

The drag-and-drop website builder, Elementor Pro, is an excellent tool to create beautiful pages, posts, and products.

Use Crocoblock plugin toolset to create dynamic websites with a stronger emphasis on SEO structures.

Yoast SEO is a free search engine optimization plugin that guides you through the process of optimizing each page, post, and product.

Your design Agency will save a lot of money using these three tools because it will save them time on development. In turn, it will save you a lot of money.

A normal design timeframe can be anywhere between 14-21 working days (when using these tools).

The best tool you have in your arsenal to save money on web-design fees is your entrepreneur mindset. Look for agencies that are trustworthy and compare quotes by providing a clear vision, mission, and purpose for your website.

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