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8 Elements to include in your business website design to get more clients

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Website design can help you stand out from the competition and get more clients faster. Having a good design on your website can attract customers, and give you the edge over other competitors. A great experience for your visitors will also keep them coming back to read more and learn about your products or services. If you are looking to revamp your site, there are several elements that should be considered to make sure you have a winning strategy.

Here are 8 ways a professional website design elements that can bring in more clients;

Element #1 – Be everywhere your clients are (add social media to your web-design)

web-design that helps you be everywhere your clients are

The most important part of getting a website to work for you is obviously to first actually be online.

You can buy a domain name and host for a fair price here. Don’t let your website be your only presence online.

Create a brand strategy that helps you define where your audience is, then grow your presence on multiple platforms using multiple tools.

List your website on Google my Business, create social media accounts and be active online.

Depending on your industry select the best type of social media then stick to your brand while sharing valuable content across multiple platforms.

Most businesses in South Africa do not know how to effectively build credibility using their business website, the secret is a great brand strategy.

A smart brand strategy will help you be everywhere online where your target audience is. You’ll also always stay consistent in all your designs making you easily recognizable across multiple platforms.

If you do this you’ll stand out from the crowd and “kill” your competitors, by doing this you’ll generate more trust and in turn more clients.

Element #2 – Stay consistent with your designs (website design that stays uniform)

Consistent website designs build familiarity

A consistent design will help built familiarity with visitors. Make sure you use the same colors, fonts, and layouts to present a well-polished business website layout.

The better you stay within your brand design, the easier it becomes to create exceptional pieces of content that you can be proud of.

Standing out by design is one of the best ways to build credibility.

Your website needs a professional look to create trust in the minds of your visitors. This will help you stand out more and attract the right clients.

Element #3 – Content That resonates with your target audience (create niche related content)

designs that resonates with your target audience

Try to regularly add content to your website blog. Make sure the content you create resonates with your target audience.

A great way to know what content you need to create is by creating a customer Avatar.

This will allow you to identify interests and needs.

Now create videos, blog posts, or podcasts that will add value to their lives.

This creates massive amounts of credibility. Think about it, who else in your industry is creating content around your client’s needs and interests (specifically designed to help them).

The more relevant content you produce the better you’ll stand out the more clients you’ll get.

Element #4 – User first Webdesign principles (make it easy to use and valuable)
follow User first design principles

Have you ever visited a website that is difficult to navigate and hard to read? It sucks…So don’t be that company with that awful website.

Now to gain credibility points just create a website based on user-first designs, this is the ability to design the layouts and structures so users will find what they are looking for it easily.

Ask your web designer to create layouts, menus, and content in a designing tool before going live and make sure that it is easy to read. Your goal is to provide a great experience for visitors.

Now once live, make it easy to find the content (both for visitors and Search Engines).
a Great designer will help you develop good SEO structured layouts, menu’s and colors. HINT: add an internal search function so users can search for content on your website.

Element #5 – Make sure your visitors know what to do (eliminate the confusion with clear calls to actions)
webdevelopment with clear call to actions

The best way to build trust and credibility is with a clear call to action. What is a call to action?

Well in layman’s terms it’s an action you want the visitor to take.

Usually, a good call to action or CTA is a secondary contrasting colored button highlighting exactly what the visitor should do.

This can be book now or buy now and in some cases subscribe.

If you want to generate more leads and sales make sure your CTA is unique.

You get many different calls to action but the ones that work best are the customized text buttons.

Instead of having a generic button that says buy now, try saying something very specific on the button.

Here’s an example: (Get the vacuum 5000 Now – for only R3999). The user knows exactly what he will get and what it will cost. Clear concise CTA will create more clients.

Element #6 – Stories connect people, so share your authentic story on a static web page
Webdesign that tell stories

One major part of building credibility is making an emotional connection with the visitor.

This can be achieved by sharing your unique story on a static separate single page. The highlight of this page is not to sell instead think of it as getting “brownie points”.

You share your story to display your human aspect.

People love forging relationships with people they trust, it’s exactly the same with companies and brands.

You need a separate page to allow you to share your who, what, and why.
Make your story page as authentic as possible.

Connect with people on a human level through smart storytelling and you’ll build credibility and trust fast.

More credibility creates more clients.

Element #7 – Make yourself discoverable (for both Search engines and users)
Design that makes you discoverable

You need to create a page that allows your customers to quickly get a hold of you. On this page add a contact form as well as your company’s physical address and any additional information that might help them contact you.

Also, remember to provide contact phone numbers (an office number is almost always better).

Now to take this concept one step further you could always include a live chat on your site and connect it to your WhatsApp so that whenever someone initiates a chat, you’ll be able to respond immediately.

That shows you are a credible company. I’m not talking about those chatbots answering machines for online chat, I’m talking about a real person answering real people.

Consumers are tired of working with computers they want that personal interaction and the company that provides that wins trust and credibility.

Ask your website designer if they can help you implement a chat function, usually, it is easy and fairly inexpensive.

Element #8 – Create trust with social proof (Add Google & Facebook reviews to your web-design)
Website design that includes reviews

A review section is one of the most powerful elements in a web designers’ arsenal.

When you design web pages and include reviews it creates a sense of social trust.

In fact, your designer won’t need much designing, ask them to go to your google my business listing or Facebook page’s reviews section and use those reviews to spice up your sales pages and win trust.

A smart business owner will create an aftersales email that triggers automatically after a sale (we use Convertkit).

This prompts the new customer to review your service and automatically adds the review to your site. (reviews can be done via Facebook or Google)

You can now manage the review and approve it to display it on the front end.

Build credibility by collecting as many reviews from clients as possible, then display them on your website (the more you have the better).

Bonus tip: Ask your most loyal customers to send you a short video testimonial then upload that to your YouTube channel and embed the code on your website to “show off” testimonials of happy customers to website visitors.


There’s a lot of web design elements that can help you build faster credibility and get more clients. The most important thing to keep in mind is always to ask your web design agency to design your business website with a user-first designing principle.

A professional uniform design allows familiarity and subconsciously builds trust. You Should also try to consistently add valuable niche-related content in an SEO structure that is easy to find and read.

The more reviews you collect and display the better social proof you’ll have; this will result in more credibility.

Try to have a full online presence, not only your website. Creating Social media accounts and updating them regularly is a great idea.

Make it as easy as possible for your web visitors to contact you via your contact page or live chat. Visitors prefer human interaction and build trust through stories. Make sure your story page is authentic and unique.

Asking your design agency to include these elements in your business website design will allow your brand to win more trust and build more credibility online.  

It’s all about building credibility and trust. The more you have the more clients you’ll get.

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